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Interview: Bobbi Starr & Dana DeArmond

By: FoxMag Editors

A.K.A. : Bobbi, Bobbi Starr
Nationality: American
Enthnicity: Caucasian
Height : 5'8 / 173cm
Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)
Hair : Brown
Bust Size : 34C
Date of Birth : April 04, 1983
Biography:She does both hardcore and softcore scenes. She won an AVN Award in 2010 for best Double Penetration Scene and another for Most Outrageous Sex Scene. She has worked for such big names as Naughty America, Brazzers, and New Sensations. .

Enjoy our candid Bobbi Starr & Dana DeArmond interview

Fox: You said you were having problems finding a boyfriend. What's the deal?


Bobbi: I don't know. I think I'm a jerk magnet. I don't know. I have lots of theories. I can't really think straight at the moment. I just got fucked silly.


Fox: I know, sorry. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that you are this prominent porn girl and you get fucked by other guys for a living?


Bobbi: I think it has more to do with the fact that I just get fucked by other guys. I think that I need to find a guy who is really voyeuristic. A guy who is turned on by the fact that I get fucked by other guys, but on the other hand I don't know if I would be turned on by him just fucking any girl. Therein lies the dilemma.


Fox: You have a double standard.


Bobbi: Right, a total double standard. It's always the guys who have the double standard wanting to go out and get as much pussy as they want but the girls can't be that way.


Fox: So it's the other way around with you.


Bobbi: I guess it is totally the other way around.


Fox: If you had a boyfriend would you bring girls home and let him fuck them?


Bobbi: Oh fuck yeah! All of the time. That wouldn't bug me. I think it has something to do with the fact that…I want to be involved. I like it if my boyfriend is fucking another girl but I want to be involved in it. I don't want to be on the phone listening to it or if I'm even sitting in a corner and like watching it and masturbating it's totally cool with me. Some guys say, "You go to work and you fuck these guys and I've never met them so I should be able to go to a bar and fuck whatever girl I meet," but it's not the same. Like today I worked with James and I love James and I love working with James but I didn't just go to a bar and out of 50 guys just pick out a guy you know? It's a little different.


Fox: So if you had a boyfriend and he went and fucked some girl that you didn't know about, that would be cheating?


Bobbi: Would it be cheating if he didn't tell me about it? Yes, It definitely would. I don't know if cheating is the thing. I would just say that I'm not into that.


Fox: You just need a swinger guy.


Bobbi: Yeah, but I really hate the term "swinger". The word "swinger" just brings to my mind DOUCHE BAGS! Sorry to all of the swingers out there.


Fox: You mean dudes with gold chains and lotions!


Bobbi: Right! The wife with an '80s haircut and Bermuda shorts and a fucking Hawaiian shirt or something. No! YUK!


Fox: Maybe you just need to find some dude who is a total libertine and doesn't have that kind of sexual jealousy about you getting pounded.


Bobbi: Exactly! I've never dated a guy in the business before and other than on camera I've never fucked a guy in the business.


Fox: Really!


Bobbi: Yeah! Maybe I should try it. Maybe I'm at this stage in my life where I should try fucking people in the business. I don't know about that though because it can really fuck up your work. There's a very fine tight rope that we all walk.


Fox: I noticed that you have grown out your pussy hair and I'm personally very happy about that. What's all that about?


Bobbi: Well, I'm lazy and I don't like the way my pussy looks shaved. It's not that I think it's ugly or anything like that. You have to shave it every day and I have really coarse pubic hair. I'm fucking Italian and I have coarse hair. It's not like I can just shave it and the next day not shave it and I'm not one of those blonde girls with really fine hair.

Fox: How have people been reacting to it?


Bobbi: Everybody loves it! I think like the first week in the business I had no hair and then after that point I at least had a little bit of a landing strip and then it went to a triangle and then to a big square and now it's just a big triangle.


Fox: You are like blowing up right now. Both you and Dana are working like fucking crazy.


Bobbi: Woo hoo! Dana and I are like cosmic sisters.


Fox: You almost look like you could be sisters.


Bobbi: I think that f you really look at us we don't, but Dana is my best friend. I that we are so on the same level and people might think that.


Fox: Do you guys get together off camera and have sex at all?


Bobbi: No, but we will now that I'm going to start fucking people in the business! (laughs)


Fox: You are a musician and have a music degree. What kind of non-porn things do you like to do for hobbies?


Bobbi: I love to swim and I love to go to the beach and just hang out with my friends and just go to the movies. I love to drive. Some days I'll just get in my car and just drive for hours.


Fox: Your music degree is in oboe. Do you still do that? Is music a part of your personal life?


Bobbi: Oh yeah, I still practice all the time but I'm not teaching any more, but just because I'm not doing it any more doesn't mean that I won't start doing it again later. Honestly I'm not teaching just because I don't have time.


Fox: As a classically-trained musician, who are some of your favorite composers?


Bobbi: Bach for sure. You can do so much with his music because you can improvise over it. I love baroque music in general, so like Vivaldi and Telemann and all of those guys are just AMAZING! The stuff that they write is so intricate and a lot of it is just a single line melody. Of the 20th century composers, I love shostakovich. I love Aaron Copland. You have never been at a higher point in terms of your porn notoriety.


Editor's Note: Ach! Opportunity to discuss Telemann's Der Tod Jesu, his recitative {or "recitativi accompagnati"} scoring with two transverse flutes, oboe, and oboe d'amore—in addition to his late, unusual compositions for multiples violas and trumpets—lost! And duly noted, sir. We apologize to our readership.]


Bobbi: Really? That's awesome. Cool.


Fox: How many times a week have you been working?


Bobbi: I've been working pretty much the same amount that I've always been working. Like five days a week. I always make sure that I have two days off in a week. I've been doing a lot more traveling with conventions and things like that. I went to Australia to do a show like four times in a year. Then I also went to the Czech Republic and I also went to London. In the Czech Republic I just did a movie for Harmony that just came out called Bobbi Starr: Nymphomaniac. It was awesome. We went to this castle out in the middle of nowhere. It was all about my fantasies. Gazzman the director is just amazing and is so cool. The guys that he picks are awesome. I got to work with one of my favorite guys in the industry, Jazz Duro. I'm infatuated with his penis. He walks in the room and my hand goes straight for his crotch. Just because he and I get along really well the scenes are always really awesome. It was with him and Olivier. He is awesome. He and I did a great boy/girl scene that I think everybody should go check out.


Fox: What were you doing in London?

Bobbi: I was working for Tanya Hyde, another Harmony director. That was really awesome too.


Fox: How long have you been in porn now? Like three years?


Bobbi: No, two-and-a-half years.


Fox: You are very popular now.


Bobbi: Yeah? I don't know? That's awesome to hear. You never hear people talk about yourself. You always hear people talk about other people. When I hear people talk about other porn girls they talk about Bree Olsen or Alexis Texas and girls like that. You never walk on set and hear people talk about you. If I'm popular now then that's awesome because I'm happy that people like what I'm doing.


Fox: You've probably been bringing in some pretty good dough in porn for a while here. What are your plans now?


Bobbi: Well, I paid off my college loans and I'm saving to go back to school. I would like to buy some property at some point. I have all of these hopes and dreams in life and things that I'm curious about. I like to travel so I spend my money on that and I spend my money on my family and my friends because I love them. As long as I'm happy, I'm happy. And as long as I can do things to help people and do things to make sure that I get to do the things that I've always dreamed of doing in my life, then that makes it worth it for me.


Fox: You want to be a gynecologist, right?


Bobbi: Yes, that's what I'm saving for.


Fox: You would be an awesome gynecologist because you've been over-penetrated for so long, you know what it's like.


Bobbi: (Laughs) One of my really good friends from San Francisco said, "Bobbi you're going to be that creepy gynecologist who's in between the girl's legs and is like, OH SORRY, MY TONGUE SLIPPED!"


Fox: You have become known for doing all of these serious anal scenes. How is your butthole holding out?


Bobbi: It's fine. You and Dana both seem to be physically predisposed to that type of activity. I know. I worked with Roxy DeVille last week and she's like, "Bobbi Starr, for the amount of things that you put in your ass, and I know that you put a lot of things in your ass, YOUR BUTT HOLE IS SO SMALL!" She's so cute, I love her.


Fox: So you and Dana are doing this highly sexual movie together where you are the only girls. You must be pretty tight bro's.


Fox: Oh yeah, we're tight. You getting used to having sex with each other a lot. You know, actually before today, she and I hadn't had sex with each other in a while.


[Dana DeArmond sits down and joins the convo.]


Dana: I think that the last time was for Girlfriend Films in the summer at that ranch when it was super hot. People didn't really hire us together for a long time. I think that people think we are actually sisters or something.

Bobbi: That's because we both started at Kink together. We don't even look like sisters. We both have brown hair and are about the same height and the same build even though we discovered that Dana is smaller than me.


Fox: Smaller what? Like a smaller pussy?


Dana: No, like her body. Her clothes do not fit me. I would just like to say publically to all of the readers of FOX Magazine, DANA DEARMOND IS SMALLER THAN BOBBI STARR! Bobbi Starr is more of a giant than I am. When we were working for Girlfriend Films it was very vanilla and you do a little strap-on scene and they give you photos of how to do it. It's like DO IT THIS WAY and DON'T SUCK IT. DO IT THIS WAY. Today we actually got to have sex with each other in the way it would be if Dana and I actually got to have sex with each other off-camera.


That's saying a lot! We should start doing that. You should move closer to my house. I know! You should move into the unit above my house. Then we could visit each other all of the time!


Fox: You said that you are going to go to South America with Bobbi?


Dana: Yeah, we've already been to Australia together. You went there for that porn convention? We went to SexPo in February 2008.


Fox: If you go to South America is that for work or for party?


Dana: We were maybe gonna take over! (laughs) I haven't hatched the plan yet. She just came back from Buenos Aires. She scouted the location. We can take it over.


Fox: You have been working like crazy.


Dana: Hell yeah! I worked for Bang Brothers in Miami and then Blacks on Blondes, BroBangs and this big Mike John movie. I think there's going to actually be about eight scenes in it and they're all like fun. We had this meeting and he was like, "Tell us about your fantasies and what you would like to act out." I'm pretty sure that all of my fantasies are illegal. I've already done everything that's like do-able.


Fox: Have you become more perverted working in porn?


Dana: Yeah, I must be. I used to be not sure if I would do like straight porn or regular porn and it went from I DON'T KNOW to OF COURSE! I don't say that I won't do things anymore. There's no point in saying that you won't do something. If you're a whore you're whorin'! There's no point in saying, "Oh, I'm not that kind of whore!" It's more of a financial negotiation than it is saying that I would never do a certain sex act. I've already done so much and it's been so fun and enjoyable and I've gone so many places and met so many people. I don't have plans to fuck a dog, you know?


Fox: What really knocks you out at this point?


Dana: I just go through phases. I've really been enjoying working with certain people. You kind of get a better sexual energy either if you've never fucked them before or if you've fucked them so many times that it's like dancing and you already know each other's moves. It's a lot of fun. I'm just trying to see where my career is taking me. I'm getting more popular for the whole anal gaping thing. ANAL SUPERSTAR! Yeah, I never knew I was so talented. I guess I'm sort of a relaxed person.


Fox: Were you a big anal whore before you got into porn?


Dana: Not a super big anal whore, but it was impractical to have butt sex when I had my period when I was younger. I used to do it a lot when I drank before just because it was very relaxing. I obviously had to re-train my body to accept it and enjoy it in a sober environment. When it's much deeper it's better for you and it's a good way to keep your asshole nice. I definitely recommend doing it only if you enjoy it. Everyone has good and bad days with their asshole. Some days my ass only gapes like an inch wide and some days it's like humongous. You can't win 'em all I guess.


Fox: If you had to choose, do you want it in the butt or the pussy?

Dana: Both. (laughs) It's so easy because you're being held. I'm really getting into being held down right now, like having pressure on my body but not being constricted like corseting or mummified but just like being grappled a little bit. I seem to be really into the idea of being put in a headlock while being fucked. DON'T LET ME RUN AWAY, GUYS. MAKE ME DO IT! I like the idea of making people think that they're forcing me to do something even though that's what I'm there for. It's my new fun game right now.


Fox: Are you more of a sub?


Dana: I'm a bottom. I've always been a bratty bottom where I provoke people into doing various snotty things to me. I used to work for Wired Pussy a lot and we would do these games where we would get partially tied up and blindfolded and we would have to go towards the sound of a vibrator but there would also be a cattle prod in the mix so you would have to present your ass and get shocked before you would get the vibrator and I would just let all of these other girls get shocked and I would just take the vibrator. I knew that in the end I was going to get shocked more than anyone else because I didn't take anyone's punishment, but it's more fun for me that way.


Fox: Does any of that go into your personal sex life at all?


Dana: Not really. I live a very monogamous, vanilla sex life at home. My boyfriend is also in the business. Before I had a boyfriend it was no-holes-barred like, HI, DO YOU HAVE A BIG COCK AND LIVE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME OVER AND HAVE SEX WITH ME AND THEN LEAVE?


Fox: You're the perfect neighbor!


Dana: Yeah, definitely. I used to have a bullpen of guys but some of them got weirded out by the porn and one of them got on steroids and got really weird, like too aggressive for me, uncontrollable. I just have a boyfriend now and he helps me stretch out my butt and stuff like that. Like, "I'm gonna clean my butt for an anal scene, so do you want to fuck it and help me stretch it out?" It's very like Susie Homemaker butt sex.


Fox: What kind of non-porn stuff do you like to do?


Dana: I'm on the internet a lot. I get over two- to three-thousand friend requests daily depending on the day. I have to maintain my MySpace accounts and stuff like that. It takes a good chunk out of my day. I Iike to exercise a little bit. I've taken up mat Pilates. It's fun and low impact. I'm just a nerd. I go to children's movies and stuff. They're very entertaining.


Fox: So you spend a lot of time on the internet. What are your favorite websites?


Dana: I like celebrity gossip websites. There's Celebslam, there's The Superficial and they all link to other celebrity gossip websites. Celebslam updates more often during the day. They don't update celebrity gossip websites during the weekend and it's so shitty. They're so hateful. They call Christina Aguilera a "clown hooker" and stuff like that. There's one called, that's like a critique of the way celebrities dress. I like making fun of people. Also I look at every day. It's cat pictures with captions and also My cat was also on You take a picture of your cat with stuff on it. I took a picture of my iPhone laying on his belly and the caption was, "Does my iPhone make me look fat?" I'm really obsessed with my cats. I like cats. is another one that I go to every day.


It's cute pictures and videos and cuteness, like puppies and stuff. They had all these videos of a baby pygmy hippo. It was like a little fat jellybean, really, really cute. Positive, funny, uplifting picture sites or celebrity gossip sites are what I do. It's all about making myself feel better. Celebrities are fun to make fun of because they're maybe a little bit out of reach of what is normal or acceptable or good. I also go on ADT, which is a highly trafficked porn-related site. I have a big thread on there that is like 70 pages long or something.


Fox: Your whole thing is "Dana DeArmond does the internet."


Dana: Yeah, definitely. I'm on MySpace and Facebook as well. And you have like eight-billion members. Oh my god yeah, like around 550,000 only.


Fox: How long have you been doing porn now?


Dana: It's been over five years from the very start in February 2004.


Fox: Where did you grow up?


Dana: Orlando Florida, and I worked at Walt Disney World when I was sixteen.


Fox: You are totally blowing up right now too. What's up with you?


Dana: I don't know. I have a really great agent. Mark Spiegler is the best and I'm really lucky to have a really great team of fellow Spiegler Girls who I get to work with a lot. You know what's really crazy? I either do these fucking gangbang crazy assfuck movies and DPs or work with the other company that hires me, maybe more than anybody else, Girlfriend Films. It's like the REAL lesbian porn. It's so funny because they let you do whatever you want. It's the dynamic of going from one set where you're getting DP'd and you're sucking eight black guys' dicks to where you're with a woman with natural tits and you don't even have to open up, you just fuck the shit out of her. They always let me be in charge because I'm more aggressive than a lot of the girls. It's a very different scenario. I enjoy it. I work tons and tons. I save my money and I pay my taxes. I drive a green car and I'm a good person. I never killed anyone.


Fox: Do you want to get married and have kids and a straight life?


Dana: Oh my god no! Sometimes I ask my boyfriend when he's gonna propose to me and he's like, "I'm not!" One time I asked him to marry me in a sports bar and I put a calamari ring on his finger and he said yes, so we're pretty much already married. Calamari is better than a diamond. And if you lose it, it doesn't matter.


Fox: Yeah, you can fry up some more.—JH


Editor's Note: [ At press time, Dana posted this on Twitter: "My boyfriend just broke up with me again, over the internet while I'm out of the country. What a prince."]